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How to Epoxy Garage Floor

You have a complete set of tools (well everything you think you need) and have them all neatly hanged on marked pegboards. You also have all your supplies neatly stocked in labeled cabinets. The only thing you haven’t dealt with is your dirty, oily and cracked concrete slab! A Los Angeles  garage floor epoxy is what you need to put the finishing touches in this functional space. Epoxy is probably the best option you have to create a garage with an auto showroom look. The shiny and colorful coating will transform your dirty and oily concrete garage floor into an aesthetically appealing garage that will not only house your vehicles but can also be an extension of your living areas. Epoxy will not only give you a beautiful garage floor, it will also give you a garage floor that is tough, durable and resistant to abrasion, chemical stains, moisture, dust and dirt. Los Angeles  epoxy garage floor is seamless and smooth thus [...]

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Epoxy Floor Cost

Residential, commercial and industrial flooring systems see a lot of foot, vehicle and equipment traffic. Epoxy floors are your best option for floors that need to be tough, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Given these points, how much does Los Angeles epoxy floor cost? Epoxy flooring is a combination of a resin and hardener that when mixed together forms into a thin plastic-like coating. Epoxy is applied over existing or new concrete surface. When concrete surface is properly prepared and the epoxy is well applied the result will be a tough, durable, aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting flooring system. Many homeowners and business owners are well aware of the benefits of epoxy flooring. What is often not clear is how much epoxy floor cost. Not aware of what factors to consider when coming up with the final cost of epoxy floors often lead customers to think that epoxy flooring is expensive. Factors that Determine Epoxy Floor Cost There are homeowners and business owners who [...]

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How to Clean a Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete can transform boring concrete floors into one that can look similar to marble, granite and other more expensive natural stones at a much lower cost. One of the best benefits of polished concrete floors is the fact that they are easy to clean and require minimal to low maintenance to increase longevity. Do you know how to clean a polished concrete floor in Los Angeles? It takes minimal effort to clean polished concrete floor. The first thing to remember is  to have a cleaning schedule to prevent dust from scratching the floor and to maintain its luster even in high traffic areas. Cleaning your polished concrete floor will keep it in top condition and always looking new. Daily Cleaning Dust mop (microfiber map) polished concrete floor to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris and grime. You may also use a broom or vacuum. Soil getting on the floor from shoes and vehicle tires are abrasive and may affect the shine [...]

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Stained Concrete Cost

Staining is one of the most popular ways to enhance the look and function of concrete floors in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.  Stained concrete allows you to have concrete floors in any color, design and look .In the first place, what  is Los Angeles stained concrete cost? Stains can be applied on existing or new concrete as well as on concrete overlays. Stained concrete penetrates deep and permanently into the concrete surface. It is also fade resistant and will not peel or flake. Stained concrete prevents cracking and chipping of the concrete surface, too. Benefits of Stained Concrete Stained concrete are becoming extremely popular for residential, commercial and industrial flooring projects. Stained concrete benefits include: Durable and long-lasting. Easy to clean and low in maintenance. Resistant to dust mites, dust, mildew, most and any allergens. Customizable to incorporate any design elements. Can replicate the look of natural stones at a fraction of the cost. Aesthetically appealing Resistant to moisture and humidity [...]

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