Staining is one of the most popular ways to enhance the look and function of concrete floors in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.  Stained concrete allows you to have concrete floors in any color, design and look .In the first place, what  is Los Angeles stained concrete cost?

Stains can be applied on existing or new concrete as well as on concrete overlays. Stained concrete penetrates deep and permanently into the concrete surface. It is also fade resistant and will not peel or flake. Stained concrete prevents cracking and chipping of the concrete surface, too.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Stained concrete are becoming extremely popular for residential, commercial and industrial flooring projects. Stained concrete benefits include:

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean and low in maintenance.
  • Resistant to dust mites, dust, mildew, most and any allergens.
  • Customizable to incorporate any design elements.
  • Can replicate the look of natural stones at a fraction of the cost.
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity damage.

Stained concrete is a good flooring option not only in design,  appeal, efficiency but likewise in cost. The initial cost of applying stained concrete will result in long-term savings for your home and business because of its numerous benefits.

Stained Concrete Cost

When assessing the cost of stained concrete you should consider the fact that as compared to other flooring options this flooring system is long lasting and does not need constant repairs. It should also be considered that stained concrete floors are resistant to water damage, molds, mildew, gouging and tearing.

The cost of installing stained concrete varies on the chosen type of application. A simple one color stain with minimal concrete surface preparation will have a low cost. As the complexity of the project increases, Los Angeles stained concrete cost increases accordingly.          

These are the factors that would affect the cost of materials and labor when applying stains on the concrete surface:

  1. Size of the Project

Stained concrete application is priced per square foot. The larger the area more materials will surely be needed for concrete surface preparation. More of the staining product is also needed. Large areas also take longer to complete and may need more manpower.

  1. Type of Stain

There are two kinds of stains that can be used in the application of stained concrete.

Acid-based Chemical Stains

  • Can give the concrete surface the look similar to natural stone, wood, marble, slate, tile or any of the more expensive natural stones.
  • Mostly available in earth tones.
  • Requires more steps to install which could take about 2-3 days.
  • Costs more than water-based stains to apply per square foot.

Water-based Stains

  • Simple application which takes only about a day to install.
  • Available in almost all basic colors.
  • Costs less than acid-based stains to apply per square foot.
  • Water-based stains, sealers and wax dry quickly thus the job can be completed in one day.


  1. Concrete Surface Preparation

Before acid or water-based are applied, the concrete surface must be properly prepared.

  • Any existing flooring system such as tile, wood or capes should be removed.
  • Any existing glue or sealer must be removed.
  • Cracks and holes should be repaired.
  • The concrete surface should be extremely clean prior to stained concrete application.
  1. Complexity of Design

Stained concrete can be used to create endless colors designs on the concrete surface. Multiple colors and designs produced through stenciling, scoring, stamping, sandblasting and sawcutting will cost more than simply staining the concrete floor with a single color.

Applying a concrete overlay on existing concrete to have a new surface to work with will definitely require more materials and man hours and will fetch a higher cost.

The more complex the design, the more skills and time is required of the concrete staining installers. These considerations come with corresponding prices.

There are endless designs and decorative effects that can be achieved by water or acid-based stains.  Each idea or design comes with a corresponding price.

  • Applying a single-colored stain to create a simple yet elegant look.
  • Layering or mixing a variety of stain colors to produce a unique color. Dyes can also be combined with stains to achieve a custom color.
  • Applying bold-colored water-based stains to create interesting graphic designs.
  • Create custom graphics with stains by using templates or decorative stencils.
  • Applying a variety of stain colors to achieve the look of marble flooring.
  • Combining sawcut pattern or decorative engraving with stains to create unique looks.
  • Using rags, sponges or brushes in applying stains to create distinct faux finishes.

Stained concrete is indeed a low cost option in transforming dull and boring concrete floors into an aesthetically beautiful, tough, durable and long-lasting flooring system.

The final Los Angeles, California stained concrete cost depends on whether you use water-based or acid based concrete stains, the number of stains you use, the graphic designs you want incorporating and the extent of concrete surface preparation that needs to be done.

Hire a professional and well-experienced stained concrete installer to ensure that you get what you pay for.