Metallic Epoxy Floors

Do you like to have a flooring system that is unique and elegant? Do you want your visitors or customers to say “wow” as soon as they step inside your home or business? Obviously,  you do! Getting people mesmerized is the best benefit you get from metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles.

How are Metallic Epoxy Floors Different?

Metallic epoxy floors are a solid epoxy flooring system that contains glitter-like and metallic pigments embedded in the epoxy material. When properly mixed and installed, metallic epoxy floors gives out a reflective and eye-catching effect that appears to be three-dimensional swirls glimmering across your flooring.

Epoxy floors are applied in multiple layers. The top coat can come in different forms to create a one of a kind look. Epoxy Floors Los Angeles creates top rated metallic epoxy floors to add a unique spin to your durable and tough epoxy floor.

To create a metallic epoxy floor in Los Angeles California, our expert and experienced epoxy installers mixes tiny glitter-like mica pigments with clear epoxy. Mica pigments are designed to be scattered among binders to create a unique one of a kind three-dimensional look.

Clear epoxy with mica pigments are poured on the concrete surface.  When a roller or paintbrush gets into contact with the pigments, they get agitated. These pigments first gather then separate, turn and twist to allow light to reflect at different angles.

When the epoxy material gets hard, the metallic pigments are sealed into place and create a swirly, three-dimensional look. The manner in which we install the metallic pigments determines the final look of your metallic epoxy floor. We excel in this installation technique to ensure that you get the desired look of your floor.

Our metallic epoxy floor installers each have their unique installation techniques to achieve your desired look. However, there is no way anyone can control the movement of the metallics. As a result, each metallic epoxy floor is distinct and one of a kind.

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Metallic Epoxy Floors Los Angeles

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

There are many reasons why metallic epoxy floors are growing in popularity.

One-of-a-Kind Flooring

 Each metallic epoxy floor comes with unique swirls and designs making it a one-of-a-kind work of art. Everyone who walks into an area with metallic epoxy flooring stops and is always in awe at how this flooring system was able to transform an otherwise stiff and dull bare concrete flooring.


 Since this is an epoxy flooring system, durability is one of the strongest advantages of having metallic epoxy floors in your home or business. This flooring system boasts of a long lifespan withstanding harsh conditions of wear and tear.

 Resistant to Various Liquids

 Metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles are resistant to almost everything that contributes to the fast wear and deterioration of floors. Metallic epoxy floors are resistant to petrol, oil, bleach, gasoline, grease, brake fluids and other chemicals. These liquid spills will not stain the floor making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential garages.

metallic epoxy floor Los Angeles

metallic epoxy floor
Resistant to Bacteria

 Metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles are resistant to germs and bacteria making it extremely easy to clean. This seamless flooring system is a favorite in healthcare institutions, food, and beverage plants,  pharmaceutical facilities, commercial and industrial kitchens and more where hygiene is a top priority.

 Easy to Clean and Maintain

 Metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles are resistant to harsh liquids that are difficult to clean and prone to staining. Any liquid spills are easy to clean because this flooring system is smooth and without grout lines.

Slip Resistant

 Metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles can appear slippery because they reflect light but on the contrary, metallic pigments can add the anti-slip properties of the flooring system.

Long Lifespan 

When properly installed, metallic epoxy floors will have a long lifespan. These floors are resistant to abrasion so there will be no chips and cracks when hard objects fall on them.

 Our metallic epoxy floors are available in various hues and can be made to look like natural stone or colored glass. We can transform your drab and dull looking concrete floor into a beautiful work of art with a high wow factor.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert and experienced metallic epoxy floor installers use various installation techniques. We have mastered the skills and tricks and have developed many techniques and effects of installing the metallics to make the finished product extremely desirable.

One of the most effective techniques we use is to pour the metallics in a straight line out of a bucket or watering pot. Once all of the metallics are on the floor we use a squeegee trowel to spread the metallics.

There are various 3D looking designs we can create for your metallic epoxy floors in Los Angeles. Tell us what is in your mind and we will reflect them on your floor. The initial metallic epoxy floor cost may be a bit high but the benefits will definitely outweigh the cost.

We pride ourselves on our metallic epoxy floor coatings and love serving the city of Los Angeles. We have done metallic epoxy floors in restaurants, tables, countertops and many more. We look forward to serving the city of Los Angeles for many years to come

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